Jade Vine make everything right on their debut album, playing with dynamics, vary the moods and thus produce an exciting, warm and very pleasant atmosphere.Fine ribbon, fine album!

Avoiding either chart-pandering pop-indie or pompous psychedelic proclivities as extremes, these guys set out with their guitars on their back and a great empty road in front. Highly tantalising modern rock with moving acoustic power makes for the greater package this London foursome bring you with their debut. 
Heard it on the Jade Vine - hope you also do in turn.

Acoustic ballad ‘Drop of sorrow’ is a superb track – definitely one of the best tracks on the album.
Nothing Can Hide From Light’ is a very good album that’s certainly worth checking out for fans of Prog rock.

Now here we have a very sensational new progband from the UK. JADE VINE are coming out of London and are making their debut with ‘Nothing can hide from light’, which happens to be an exceptionally superb album.
Producer/Songwriter/Guitarist DANIEL CAVANAGH of ANATHEMA co-produced the album and I must admit that this first JADE VINE album might become one of 2013’s finest progreleases. This album just feels so good, because everything sounds picture perfect, both instrumentally and vocally speaking, with a clear focus on keen melodies.

If there’s one genre in this universe that keeps surprising us, then it is definitely Progrock and with JADE VINE we have another major winner! Hopefully they will become as huge as the mentioned acts, so we can enjoy much more of them in the future!

Jade Vine offer here a very beautiful album, full of emotion, well-paced, with short forays into progressive, very beautiful guitar passages and touching voice. Danny had a reason to look to these talented Londoners. 04/04/2013

I’m a real sucker for songs that start off slow and deliberate and then build into something that has real substance. The debut album from UK based Jade Vine has ten songs which do exactly that.

A great start to what I hope is a long and fruitful career from a band that, based on what they’ve done on their debut, deserve your listening attention. Powerpoints: 9/10

The tracks offer interesting, varied arrangements and the music goes from a whisper to a roar and back again, offering a depth that rewards with repeated spins. Its expansive widescreen music creates a mood of open space and sorrow.

If the alt-prog of Porcupine Tree, the power of Pain Of Salvation and the ambience of Anathema tickle your fancy, then Jade Vine are worth exploring.

This London-based group certainly have a polished feel about their music with strong song based material and enough twists and turns to keep prog fans happy.

- a dose of near originality that should help them stand out from the crowd. Good stuff' - SL,

This is a real melting pot of progressive rock influences ranging from, inevitably, Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree to as left-field as Nick Drake with a soupcon of ‘Street Spirit’ Radiohead tossed in for good measure.

If this sounds an odd mix, it is, but it works brilliantly.

The guitar is the weapon of choice here with some memorable acoustic and slabs of grinding electric – but always melodic, purposeful and without gratuitous grandstanding. The song is all.