Hello every one! We are very pleased to announce that JV will have one more new home from May!!This one will be St Christopher's Inn in London bridge where we are going to be showcasing our acoustic set, twice per month!!! This is because of your constant support and we thank you for that.This also means that you are going to be able to watch us live three weeks per month including the Camden Eye gig. More good news and shows on their way, stay tuned!!!
Amazing gig at the Borderline!!!!!A massive thanks to all of our friends and fans who came down there!!!!You guys rock!!!!see you tomorrow at st.Christophers Inn at Borough High street!!!!!!!!!
Curved Air
Jade Vine live at The historic Borderline in London supporting Curved Air! This Wednesday the 16th of April! Doors open at 7.00, stage time 7.30.Some free tickets still available, so let us know if interested.
One more gig tonight with Babis & Constantine from Jade Vine before the full band acoustic show on this coming Thursday at St Christopher's Inn, London Bridge! Entry free , stage time 11.00.If you miss us tonight make sure you catch us on Thursday!!
anathema sallonika 2013 2

Hello everybody!! Exciting news for our band from the New Year. Our acoustic show at the Camden Eye, London, has given us the opportunity to showcase our music once every month starting from January 2014. This means that you will be able to see us live more regularly, listen to new exiting arrangements, lots of creative covers and of course our new songs that are cooking up and will be showcased sometime in the near future. Additionally, we are extremely happy to announce that we have booked a mini Greek tour for mid February 2014. All our friends and fans that had the opportunity to see us supporting Anathema will have the chance to watch us live again. Dates will be posted very, very soon so stay tuned!!! Last but not least, one more, full band, show has been booked for us, this time at the legendary ‘Borderline’ in London, opening for the 70s prog rock legends, Curved Air!! Tickets will be available for sale on web sites for our fans and Ticketmaster. That’s all folks, we will keep you posted with any new info and updates, till then we wish you a great festive period and a happy new year! Be always well, keep on doing things that make you happy and keep on listening to music that makes you feel alive! With respect JV