Hello everyone,

It has been some time since the last update and a few things happened and many changes took places since the release of our debut album Nothing Can Hide From Light.
As many of you know we were quite privileged to find an audience for our music via this first release and for that we would like to thank all our fans for the constant support.
During all this time we had the chance to tour the U.K, tour Greece twice and open for our good friends Anathema, play in Rome, play numerous shows in London (almost on a weekly basis at some point!) and open for the legendary Curved Air at London’s Borderline.

Unfortunately, our team has changed again as Nastia and Tom will not be part of Jade Vine any more. However, we were lucky to find some great musicians that showed a great interest to be part of our band and we are extremely happy about this as it is very hard to find motivated people to join paths and share the same goals.The new members are, Mila Verney(Never the Saint) on piano and keyboards and Yannis Paloyannidis (The Grand Closure) on bass. Musically speaking the band has never been better and you will have the chance to experience this yourselves at one of our shows promoting our new album.

What?New album?

Yes the new album!
Recordings have started with our new producer and good friend Hugh Neal. Actually the first EP release is just around the corner and the first shows have been booked. First show of the summer will be on the 29th of July at The Talking Heads in Southampton and the second date at NovyJicin Festival in Czech Republic.

The album is going to be separated into three EP releases of 3 songs each. Each release will have a separate title, a separate cover and finally all songs will be included in a fourth release with some bonus material.
The first release will be titled ” A Mind Of A Man …”.
We are very excited about this and we cannot wait to bring these new songs to you and start gigging extensively for the promotion of these albums.

Stay tuned for more news, please feel free to subscribe via our contact form and leave your email and feedback about the new tracks, new videos and artwork.

Thank you all for the support!

With respect
Jade Vine