The magical night kicked off at 9:30 o’clock -we should say that the timetable was followed punctually) with Mr. Danny Cavanagh coming on the stage in order to introduce us with the opening act of the show. Jade Vine is actually a Greek band, located in London. Their debut album, which was released last January, is titled ‘Nothing Can Hide From Light’ and it was recorded under Danny’s supervision. Danny also co-produced the album, along with the band and Patrick Moore. I have to admit that it was one of the very few times -you can actually count them in the fingers of one hand- that I was really impressed and mind-blown by the performance of an opening act and, trust me, I am not exaggerating. Their sound could be easily described as prog rock, while, in my opinion, they don’t adopt the typical sense of the word in their sound. If I should absolutely have to put a label to their music and sound, I would call them “sweet and melancholic dreamy rock”. They played a 40-minute set, which was based on their debut album, as well as songs such as Last Time (which is the first song that the band has ever written, as they informed us), Say It, Sell It (which has been written and dedicated to the current condition of the music industry), Lost It All and some others as well. Unfortunately, Jade Vine waved goodbye by playing their last song, Lost Control. Judging by the applause in the end of their performance, I was not the only one who “wanted some more,” so I truly hope and wish the band will take it seriously into account and give us the chance to see them again on stage soon!